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2024 Gymkhana Information

REMEMBER: Boots and “long” jeans are REQUIRED and the Club strongly recommends leather-soled riding boots, long-sleeved shirts, helmets, and breakaway stirrups. ALL CONTESTANTS (guests included) MUST BE WEARING BOOTS AND JEANS TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY EVENT. RIDERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE ARENA IF THEY ARE NOT WEARING BOOTS AND JEANS. NO EXCEPTIONS!!


The date of January 1st has been set for the age limit of contestants.


Age divisions will be as follows:

- Leadline

- Independent riders 8 years old and under

- Ages 9 to 13

- Ages 14 to 18

- Seniors/Ages 19 and up


Decisions for a rain-out will be made before or at 7:00 pm by a majority vote of the Board Members present. Rain-out nights will be made up at the end of the season when possible.


Contestants must compete in 7 out of 10 gymkhana nights to be eligible for end of season awards AND have completed the minimum volunteer hours.


Entry fees are $10/individual or $20/family for all nightly events. Contestants may enter any event more than once but each additional or “exhibition” run will cost $10.00.

We are trying out some new things this season with the intention of encouraging continued participation, in addition to encouraging others to try something new. 


1.  We have added two events to our weekly rotation with barrels and poles.  Our third events include; 75 and Back, Flag Race, Figure 8 Stakes, and Keyhole Race. 


2.  We are rotating the order of events each week to give participants who might not be able to arrive early, or stay late, the opportunity to participate in different events. 


3.  Starting on 6/25, all leadline events will run before the independent rider age groups and will begin promptly at 6:30.  Sign-ups will still begin at 6:00 and will remain open until 7:00 for participants who may prefer to arrive a bit later.  The Grand Entry and independent rider divisions will immediately follow the leadline events.  Hopefully, this change will enhance safety and reduce waiting for all participants, and allow our youngest competitors to avoid missing events in favor of a reasonable bedtime. 


Please contact the Gymkhana Chair Stephanie Guilliams with any questions:

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